Saturday, 21 November 2009

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Welcome to 'A Very Ordinary Madness', which, incidentally, is the working title of my award-winning collection of short stories... Or at least will be once said collection makes it out of my head and down, down onto paper. And how many millions of wannabe writers have you heard say just that? I'll write it tomorrow when I have more time. Or the day after tomorrow. Actually, next week. Well, maybe next year. I should introduce myself properly: I am the queen of procrastination. Nice to meet you.

So while I'm finding my feet with this blogging malarky, and before I go and treat myself to another beer to help me on the way, I just have to say this.

It's cold. It's a dark, wind and rain-lashed evening. But there's something Bob (the dog) and I need to point out to the good people whose homes line the route of our favoured walk.

  • It isn't Christmas yet.
  • It isn't even December, thus;
  • IT ISN'T TIME TO PUT UP YOUR CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS (unless you are a supermarket, in which case the kindest thing is to take you out and shoot you.)

You know who you are.

I feel much better now! Cheers!

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