Thursday, 15 April 2010

And another one...

Back again after another eight week long confidence crisis! Here's another flash which didn't win, but hats off to the one that did, it made me laugh! Read it in the current issue of 'Mslexia', it's very, very good x


My husband loves this harness. He spent ages choosing it. It’s black and patent with silver buckles and pointy studs. When he puts it on, he says “who’s gonna be a good girl now?” as he tightens the strap around my neck. I button my coat up to my chin and follow him to the car, my rubber basque squeaking as I move.
Yes, he loves this harness. He loves to hold it and I have to shuffle round on all fours. This club of his, it’s just a bit of fun, he says. It’s good to be open-minded.
It’s just a bit of fun, and now it’s my turn. I put the strap around his neck. I laughed out loud as I tightened and tightened. His eyes bulged. And just look at the colour of his asphyxiated face. Actually, it isn’t fun; it’s art.
It’s good to be open-minded.

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