Monday, 21 June 2010

Midsummer's Day

A perfect morning for midsummer's day. Dog-of-small-brain and I send up clouds of pollen as we sneeze our way through the wafting, waist-deep grass which lines our favourite walk. Gazing across the feathery field shimmering in the heat, I see the barley is ripening, revelling in the sun. Yet I can remember back to not-so-very-long-ago when this was just an expanse of frozen soil. Even at Easter it was only a mass of fragile green shoots. Now it is really beautiful; its stalks growing taller, its seeds growing fatter, and its colour turning more from green to gold with every day that passes.

Friday, 18 June 2010

Phoenix Rising

I decided I couldn't let today pass. I couldn't let the day my divorce saga has ended, go by without marking the occasion. Admittedly, sitting here at my desk is somewhat less stylish than the day I got married, but never mind.

I met a woman some years ago. Actually, I sold my car to her, although I'm sure she's over that now. She agreed to buy it without even taking it for a spin, which was lucky for me. We shook hands and I asked for her name to fill out the paperwork.

"Angela Phoenix." She had the grace to blush.
"Phoenix?" My pointy eyebrows arched skyward. "That's an unusual name."
"I chose it after I got divorced," she said. "Because that's how I felt, like a phoenix rising."

I thought she was a bit weird, and left as quickly as I could. Now I know exactly what she meant. But 'Sam Phoenix' sounds like it comes from the 'Pat Butcher' school of names, so perhaps we won't go there.

A phoenix rises. At last.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Old Haunts

After lunch, they go shopping. They stroll, arm in arm, as is their habit, she trying to look, and he refusing to stop. They reminisce about shops long gone, faces long forgotten and deeds long done. They argue over the facts. He raises his voice and she falls silent, putting on the pinched face which signifies she won’t argue with him any more because she knows she is right. They shake their heads at the changes, because it’s not like it used to be. It’s not like it was when they were young.

And they find the teashop where they first met. How lovely that it’s still here with its old fashioned charm. They order tea and cake, and raise their eyebrows at the appalling service; it was never like this. Then they sit in silence. He eyes the pretty waitresses, and she dreams about living a life which would mean being anywhere but here.
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