Thursday, 2 September 2010

Computer Proved Not Guilty...

I have ranted. I have moaned. I have stomped around the house muttering 'death to computer designers, manufacturers, and programming geeks'. I have yelled at the children. I have been cross with the dog-of-small-brain. I have bemoaned my misfortune to countless relatives and anyone else misguided enough to show sympathy.

But now I am sweetness personified. I am the sun shining in the perfect clear blue sky, the ripe blackberry plump on the plant. The computer has not swallowed my holiday snaps into some dark corner of cyber-hell, it has just stored them in a stupid place, which is, more likely than not, operator error. Ahem.

I have found my pictures quivering like little lambs on a wild, desolate hillside where they'd been lost for over a week. I'm feeling victorious and extremely pleased with myself. Time for a celebratory cup of tea, methinks.

Computer, this time you are not guilty. But never forget; I've got your card marked. One day you really will end up sailing through that window, my friend: one day.

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