Saturday, 4 December 2010

Cold - 1, Boiler - 0

It is horribly cold down in ‘Tales’ this morning; the heating has broken down again. The heating isn’t working because the boiler is frozen. Again. So I’m wrapped in many layers, warming my hands around a mug of tea. But if my ensuing bad temper could be converted into heat, the whole house would be toasty.

Now, the weather in these parts has hardly been extreme. The lowest temperature has been -5, positively tropical compared to some. We’ve had barely a snowflake, and it’s raining this morning.

But I am ranting. In fact, I want to fling open the doors and scream.

What is the point in a boiler that freezes up in the cold, ie, when you need most?

It was only installed last year, and the same thing happened last winter. When I investigated online, it transpires this is a ‘design fault’ of new condensing boilers.

A design fault? Does that mean manufacturers are rushing out to replace or modify condensing boilers installed throughout the country? The engineer who gave the disgraced boiler its annual service just laughed with a jaunty shrug.

I won’t be the only one shivering around my tea this morning, and I know; worse things happen. And the outside temperature has risen to a balmy 1.5 this morning, so the frozen outlet pipe will soon be defrosted, and we will have heat.

But a heating system designed to break down in cold weather? How insane.

(Ed’s apologies, normal service will be resumed once ‘Tales’ achieves a more agreeable ambient operating temperature.)

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