Monday, 24 January 2011

Catching up...

Yesterday was a rough ride in our house, and I didn't have time to breathe, let alone blog, so here's stone #20, inspired by my 'lovely' day...

The screaming fades, the shouting becomes distant until all I can hear is a vague noise, and the whoosh-whoosh of my heart - as if I needed reminding I’m still alive.

The youngest member of the 'Tales' household is also the main source of the madness, having both feet firmly planted deep within the autistic spectrum. I had to change our plans for yesterday (horror of horrors), so thus had to endure a day-long ear-bashing as punishment.

One of my few successes of recent months has been to acquire a pair of ear-defenders for Tales-the-youngest, who has issues around sensitive hearing - sensitive, apart from (obviously) whenever I'm asking him to do anything. He loves wearing them, and the barrage of curious stares they attract are far preferable to the daggers-looks his bad behaviours usually attract. So in the mid of his scream-fest, I retrieved them from his schoolbag and popped them on. I didn't get away with this ruse for long, but it was worth it!

And here's today's...

Stone #21
Dainty pink stems sashay forth and scorn the season, unfurling their parasol leaves; at least, I think it’s a bit early for rhubarb.


  1. What deliciously descriptive words! Both the stones and the sharing of your life. Thank you xx

  2. Sam, I think you must have been having your 'do' round about the same time as my blood pressure went sky high, courtesy of our youngest too. :O) There must have been something in the air!

    I love your stone about the rhubarb. As well as enjoying rhubarb crumble, I think it's a beautiful plant. Your stone reflects that.... not the crumble bit. :D

    Hope today goes better for you..... and for me too. :)

  3. Emm, thank you too x My life sounds better in words...

    Eliza, yes I think younger children everywhere must have declared it 'international be horrible week', for that appears to be the way it's panning out here!


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