Monday, 31 January 2011

Last few stones...

Awww, I can't believe this is the last day of the 'River of Stones' project, I've really enjoyed taking part. I'd like to say thanks to all of you who've been reading my stuff, and "please don't go away"! Tales plans to carry on 'stoning', not to mention signing up to 'flash fiction Friday', which should (hopefully) mean more stuff to read here, seeing as the novel-in-progress is still in pieces.

The 'River' project has been brilliant; not only have I been lucky enough to receive some lovely encouragement from you guys, but I've met so many creative and talented people. It's been very inspiring, and I'm hoping we all keep in touch.

Okay, emotional moments aside, I've ended this project by missing the last few days, so here we are; catch-up time....

Stones #26/27/28
The woods echo with a woodpecker’s rapid-fire.
Over and over again. I thought long and hard for a good way to capture the sound, and this was the best I came up with.

The grey-brown squirrel is posing with his feathery tail held upright, the tip curling over, while he’s nibbling something he’s found.
I usually only ever see squirrels charging up trees, or performing death-defying leaps from branch to branch. This one was sat, looking like an illustration in a book, until he spotted me, and fled.

Little blue hair-slide, with your pink and yellow flowers, you’re too pretty to be lost. I pick you up again, put you back on the school wall, and hope today is the day your owner will spot you.
I've been saving this one! Every day I walk past, the little hairslide is still there. I've picked it up out of the mud so many times, but no matter where I put it, it hasn't been claimed.

And that's it! So thank you for dropping by, but please, do keep coming back. After all, what is life, but one long tale of very ordinary madness?


  1. That's funny, Sam. Yesterday morning, I awoke to the sound of the teapot rattling on the fridge and I thought it sounded like a frenzied woodpecker! I like your "rapid-fire" choice of words.

    The hair-slide is rendered forlorn indeed with your tiny story.


  2. I will definitely be back! Thanks for your lovely encouraging comments on my blog. It was great to "meet" you.

  3. So lovely. And fun!
    And hey.....we can still post stones.......

    Enjoyed your writing!
    Have a creative day!

  4. Thanks for your small stones Sam. I love the little hairslide one. - yes I plan to continue and to post photos of the things that inspire the words; but I will be in London and Birmingham for about 3 weeks so will have to seek inspiration in an urban setting. As to Islay malts - I'm almost afraid to say I'm not keen on whisly at all. But have you tried Islay Bruichaddich gin? Called The Botanist because it contains plants gathered on Islay by myself and my husband! Cheers.

  5. Sam, I wouldn't dream of leaving! It's been such a pleasure to get to know a little of you. (And I don't really plan to abandon the stones either. They're very nourishing, aren't they?)

    Love the hair slide stone! (I assume this is what we Americans would call a barrette? A clip thingy to hold back the hair, yes?)

  6. I'm inspired by you Sam! You've been a very encouraging 'stoner' and you've shared your experiences beautifully! :D xxx

  7. Lovely comments, thank you every one, it's been such fun 'stoning'!

    Amy, yes, a hair clip. I'd have been really upset to lose one when I was little, I keep willing this one to be found, but it is starting to look somewhat worse for wear.

    Mavis, that sounds divine! I must look out for some xx

  8. The little blue hair slide stone really captured my imagination. The way you personified it made me really care for its fate. Excellent!

    And I intend to go nowhere (sorry about that) as I've enjoyed getting to know you via AROS & wish to keep visiting your blog. I see you've also joined Writing Our Way Home so I hope to see you there too!

    Kat :-)


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