Thursday, 13 January 2011

Stone #10

Double figures, woo-hoo! Have really struggled to find time today, so this hasn't had a huge amount of thought... But I do know what I'm making for tea tonight, which is an achievement in itself.

Sculpted bodies in neon yellow, gnarly legs in black lycra, they aren’t so much dedicated cyclists, as a jamboree of exotic beetles lending their flashy colours to muddy January lanes.


  1. Oh, great image--cyclists as beetles. I'll think of that all the time now! (Loads of cyclists in my town, often traveling in packs.)

  2. Love it! As a keen cyclist I can appreciate this image..... though I never wear lycra. :D Your small stone paints a striking image!

  3. Amy, yes, why do they always travel in packs?

    Eliza, no 'pretend' racing gear? I'm relieved to hear it x

  4. Now when I see cyclists - my husband included - I'll think of "a jamboree of exotic beetles!"

  5. Well, in my town, cycling is big enough that it's often a communal activity. My husband is a triathlete, and he often rides with members of his team, or with members of the various local biking groups. It keeps them motivated and training hard to ride with (and in competition with) one another.

    Eliza--I hate the lycra too! I've yet to figure out what's more comfortable about it, even on long rides. I can't even bear to put those pants on, let alone wear them to ride. I just insist on a totally squooshy, unprofessional seat, even on my old road bike or my more recent hybrid. It looks absurd to people, but I'm happy. :-)

  6. I suppose the lycra is all about speed for competing cyclists. I have no need for that.... I'm happy just getting the hang of the gears. :O) I don't even wear a helmet.... which I suppose I should.


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