Sunday, 16 January 2011

Stone #13

Now, this is yucky....

I wondered why there were so many birds on the flooded field; now I know. Drowned worms, their bloated, pale pink bodies lie twisted on the surface. I grit my teeth, and don’t look down.

I really wished I hadn't decided to walk across that particular field, it was horrible. But it reminded me of the artwork on a record sleeve I bought back in my 'younger' days.

That record was 'Body and Soul' by the Sisters of Mercy, and I played it over and over again...I still love it.

I remember the picture on the sleeve vividly, so after a little digging online, I discovered notes unpon the record's artwork which reveal it to be an engraving by the nineteenth century French artist Gustave Dore, and depicts a scene from Dante's 'Inferno'.

Apparently the picture is sometimes reproduced with the caption
'take care that you do not trod on the heads of thy brethern'.

I'm glad to report that I did try very hard not to tread on any of the dead worms. Yucky...


  1. Great stone. I'd never thought of the effect of so much rain on worms before. Now I know why there were so many seagulls in the park this morning. I remember Sisters of Mercy cover too. x

  2. Oh, it's awful to see them like that! I suppose the positive side is that the birds had a good feed. Worms are the cause of me being late for many appointments..... when it's raining, I have to stop to rescue them off the pavements! :O)

  3. The worms yesterday were nothing to the shellfish being guzzled by seagulls on the beach this morning! I started trying to rescue some, but there were so many it was impossible! Oh well...

  4. oh gosh that would be yucky, but good that the birds got a 'nice' meal!

  5. Very good description - vivid &.... yucky. :-)


  6. Kat, I refused to go across that field this morning, even if it is part of our favourite walk! The dog was confused...


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