Thursday, 20 January 2011

Stone #17

After a very murky day in which the hill behind the house has been missing since early morning...

I love fog, I find it comforting. My senses tell me that since there’s nothing out there but white smudginess, there’s nothing to worry about today.

It would, of course, be nicer still if I didn't have to go out in it, crawling along, squinting through the windscreen, trying to work out where the road ends and the verge begins! And now it's gone dark, it's going to be a very interesting drive down to the village to take the boy to scouts...

Our roles reverse as I suggest he takes the night off. He gives me a disapproving look, and mutters out the lecture I give, the one about commitment and dedication, on the nights when he'd rather stay at home. I slouch and sulk; he gives a heavy sigh and turns back to his game.


  1. Hello Sam

    Fog ceates its own plane, one never knows what is lurking (in the murk) or if they might step off the precipice of white into another world altogether and, if they do, will they ever return.

  2. Don't you just love it when they throw lifes's lectures back at you!

  3. Merlene, I love the sound of that, very mysterious!

    Wobbly, and it's happening all the time as we weather the pre-teen storms! Very rocky times...


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