Thursday, 27 January 2011

Stone #24

Reams of paperwork lie swilled across the table, white against the red cloth. The boy’s future depends upon what I do with it.

A feathered flash of white and black and green darts into the twiggy hedge, and jolts me from the inertia of driving.

Hey-hey! two pebbles today. The first refers to what I've been languishing over all afternoon (the paperwork, not the stone!) and the second is about the amazing little bird I saw earlier, whatever it was. And here's the question...

Why is it, that no matter how clearly you think you saw the bird in question, it never bears any resemblance to any of the pictures in the birdbook?

I've no idea what it was, although a dear friend of mine would say it's the appreciating, and not the knowing, which counts.


  1. I love your way with words, Sam. ..'swilled across the table' and the contrast of the red and white seems significant for 'the boy's future' ...Hope it goes well! xx

  2. Sam, that is so true about bird identification! I have often looked at scores of pictures of birds I've seen and none of them ever matched. Mind you, hubby and I have never been successful birdwatchers. In the old days, we used to go out, armed with our bird fieldguide..... mostly we could only hear the birds and very rarely saw them. :O)

    I hope everything goes well with your decision-making in your first stone. We have an important week next week concerning our daughter and have to attend a meeting at her school. Sometimes being a parent is so overwhelming.

  3. A rose by any other name! well I'm undecided on this one - I always want to know what it is that I've seen, then I can find out where its come from, why its here etc. but on the other hand it's the seeing and noticing and appreciating the moment that has the magic.

  4. Yes, I'm the same, Mavis, I like to know!

    Eliza, Emm, these are the things you never imagine you'll have to deal with when you decide to have a baby... I for one, expected plain sailing. T'was a rude awakening...

  5. My nephew has a son who's severely I can imagine something of your situation. He's such a beautiful boy, his twin sister has none of his difficulties and their bond is a joy to see. You must be a very special parent, Sam. Well done! xxx

  6. "Harrassed" is how I'd put it, Emm xxx but thank you!


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