Friday, 28 January 2011

Stone #25

The sun floods down from a watery sky, the air is filled with birdsong, and the scent of freshly dug earth. ‘It’s a beautiful day’ the rugged blonde gravedigger says to me, with a broad smile, as the dog and I walk past.


  1. Wow! I totally want to date the rugged blonde gravedigger! lol

    You should walk past again then tell us what happens! :)

    That was a great 'notice' to share!


  2. Hmm. You know Sam, I see this scene so clearly through your writing and yet, for some reason, I see a female 'the rugged blonde' leaning on her shovel by the side of a half dug grave. A very clever small stone and I really liked it.

  3. Mimi, he was quite gorgeous! And not what you'd imagine a gravedigger would look like...

    Merlene, yes I think you have a point, and I didn't stop to think about the implications of using the word 'blonde'. He looked like a middle-aed, tubby Kurt Cobain, which was so much at odds with what he was doing!

    Most of all, I was just struck by the contrast between me enjoying the beautiful morning, when others were getting up to face the trauma of a funeral.

  4. I like the juxtaposition here of life and death, and the matter-of-fact attitude of the gravedigger. (And I can't be the only one who went straight to Hamlet, can I?)


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