Sunday, 9 January 2011

Stone #6

Toddled off to the local swimming pool this morning, and spent an entertaining hour or so bobbing around in horribly-chlorinated, water people watching, while my charming children wore themselves out with repeated, and eventually extremely bad-tempered, attempts to out-do each other. There was so much to see, I have three little stones for today; "Three Stone Sunday"!

Before I start, I must point out that 'Tales' isn't exactly sylph-like, indeed there was a heated conversation in the changing room about the inappropriateness of making loud remarks about 'Mummy's fat bits', but here we go..

Tattooed middle-aged men, magnificent bellies spilling over their shorts, heave themselves from the pool, and dwarf their tiny children.


Grumpy parents scold their offspring into the budding champions they never managed to be. Do they really think it will work?

(and because I'm really no better than anyone else when it comes to having inflated ideas about one's child's talents, here's one I wrote for me...)

# three

Half seal, half boy, his sleek body slithers through the water. I flail and flounder. That I bred such a creature defies logic. He slips away from me, and on and away.


  1. #three is about me too! I would love to be able to swim well but, like you, all I can do is flounder.... while all our children are strong swimmers..... *sulks* :D

  2. I was in the pool with you! And having sons who've 'slipped on and away', brought a sigh!

  3. I'm sulking with you Eliza! The boy knows he's a much better, stronger swimmer than me and positively revels in it..

    And Emm, it makes me feel ancient when I remember cosseting him with armbands, while now he's (cheekily) questioning whether I'm safe in the water!

  4. Thanks Kate, I think its my fvourite too x


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