Wednesday, 9 February 2011


The pattering against the panes pronounces today to be another muddy-dog day.

It's raining again, so this is another day in which the dog-of-small-brain will, to his dismay, require a post-walk bath. He's very good: once he's been forced into the shower cubicle, he stands with his ears slicked to his head, and his tail tucked between his legs, berating me with reproachful looks, until he's clean. Then, he retaliates by streaking to the sofa and rolling around on the cushions, kicking his legs, until he is dry. When I shout and order him off, he merely pauses to give me a look, tongue lolling over his grinning chops, which says, 'ha, that's shown you.' Between he and the children, I am horribly outnumbered.


  1. I absolutely love this - it reminds me of our old dog who was the very devil to bath. Dogs are so knowing!

  2. I love this post - so alive, and really makes me smile.

  3. Ah - yes - I can remember this pattern from my beloved old Golden. We tried not to bathe her when it was too cold to be outside. Even in warmer weather, my husband would hook the hose onto our bathroom faucet and snake it through the bath and out the back door so she wouldn't get a chill from having the water from the outdoor faucet be too cold. She would reward us by shaking suds and watery sprays all over us. In the end, we would be as soaked as she was. (Afterward, we had to be careful she didn't go roll in the mud!)

  4. Fabulous! Dogs are such characters and I can completely see the mischief in this one. A funny Tale that made me smile :o) x

  5. You'd think he'd get used to it, the number of baths he has to take, the fields as muddy as they are!


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