Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Appearances, appearances..…

On the way to do a spot of much-dreaded shopping this morning, I spotted a young man walking down the pavement in white socks, carrying his trainers. My brain promptly unearthed this story from somewhere down in the depths of a very dim and very distant past...

It’s too hot for shoes, she declared, clipping her long, glossy mane up into a twist to air her sweating neck. The others agreed, but shape-shifted into disbelief as she kicked off one shoe, and then the next, bending down to scoop them up without missing a beat of her graceful, swaying gait. Strappy hemp shoes dangling from her fingers, tie-dyed skirt sweeping around her ankles, she glided through the dry summer dust, her toes splayed against the hot, unrelenting pavement with every step. Her friends exchanged glances, but there was no point in saying anything. She was high on this, the second week of her conversion to vegetarianism. Barefoot, she was at one with Mother Earth; non-vegetarians couldn’t be expected to understand. So she ignored their tentative suggestions that perhaps she ought to put her shoes back on seeing as she was an English girl, and not someone for whom growing up without shoes was part of life. She squared her shoulders, held her head up high, and walked all the way across town, her teeth gritted against the growing pain.

It took two weeks and a lot of plasters before she could walk again without wincing. She confided in no one the state of her torn feet. And that weekend she went back to eating bacon sandwiches, without even so much as a splodge of guilt.


  1. You've caught the hare exactly. I so admire the fact that you write so much so regularly. Life is very hectic for me of late - and I'm really struggling to come up with anything worth writing. I love your tree photos too

  2. This is wonderful writing. The character (you?)immediately came to life. I wanted to learn and read more!

    BTW thank you so much for the lovely comment on my last blog post. I'm feeling a bit full of doubt this weekend and so it really helped. And thank you for signing up to my TIC TOCC prompts - I hope you'll find them fun. I'll probably use them myself as timed writing prompts but may experiment with other mediums. I'm not sure how to get the word out about it. Do you think the page on my blog is understandable? I'd love to start a separate blog to go with it but I don't think I have the energy left to run another blog along with everything else. I'm exhausted with what I do already - I must pace better. Lol. Anyway, thank you for showing your support.

    Kat X

  3. Ah, nicely done in so few words!

  4. Loved it. That's me. Except for the vegetarianism. I go barefoot at the drop of a shoe. I have also walked over broken glass. Without being cut.

  5. Thank you Mavis, Kat, Heartful and Zen, for your nice comments.

    And Kat, I do think your Tic Tocc page is clear without running another blog. I need to put a link to you from these pages - hopefully I'll get it sorted out in the next few days xx

  6. Thanks Sam for the advice on my TIC TOCC page. That's a relief. Thanks for your support. Kat Xx


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