Wednesday, 23 March 2011

The Bone Yard

I've not posted any pictures for a while, so I thought I'd share these.

They're from the corner of a field dog-of-small-brain and I cross on our favourite weekday walk. I think they're the remains of oak trees.

It looks to me like a graveyard for some mighty animal's bones.

The wood has been bleached and blasted smooth by the weather, and rotted into weird shapes. This one reminds me of a pterodactyl.

I felt so inspired, I thought a story might follow. But I couldn't get the words 'the bone yard' out of my head, and that's not terribly original. In another month or so, the wood bones will have been swallowed by the undergrowth, but at the moment, I find them so spectacular, I have to stop to have another look, every time we pass. The dog finds this more than a little odd...


  1. definitely a pterodactyl!

    wonderful pictures
    If you are not paying attention all that stuff just blurs together but you have captured something special here.

    the 3rd one is darth vaders head

    the first one is a cat buried alive up to its head,it is screaming out for help

    thanks for sharing

  2. Wow, those are some gorgeous nature photos. Never seen a stump quite like the third - it looks like it's melting.

  3. Hero, that's a good point about the first one. Funny how you can't see something until someone else points it out!

    John, I also think it looks like a giant, worn molar!

  4. Great photos that are wonderful prompts for the imagination to play with! I love trees in all their stages of life/death - such fascinating shapes, textures and character.

    I wouldn't worry about being stuck with 'the bone yard' and about those words being original. My advice is to just run with the idea and see where it leads. Chances are you will come up with your original ideas through the process of writing.

    Kat X


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