Monday, 21 March 2011

Total! Mite! Kill!

Uh-oh, it's that time of year again. No matter how low temperatures plunged this winter, the balmy spring air has tempted from the woodwork, unwelcome bedfellows for my hens. I wrote about this last year in a post I called 'The twilight saga, backyard version' which received more hits than anything I have ever written. As I imagine all of those visitors were expecting some original take on winsome undead lovers, I expect they were disappointed to discover I had in fact written about poultry parasites! But these nasty little red mites are a big deal here in 'Tales', a constant source of consternation.

Not any more though!!! I'm sure you're all going to be relieved to know I have found a weapon, something which appears to work...although, admittedly, it is only March and there's a long way to go until next winter. I bought a bottle of pink spray called 'Total Mite Kill', made by a company called Nettex, (I've included the link just on the off-chance anyone reading actually does have the same problem) It cost me around seven quid, and it really seems to work. Tipped a few of the mites onto the roof of the hen house, squirt squirt, they stopped moving. A-ha, thought I to myself, but they're canny little devils: they play dead. But five minutes later, ten minutes later, an hour... still not moving. Result! And I've used far nastier stuff before now. I will point out that I don't like killing things, but neither do I like my girls snuggling up with these voracious little monsters every night. And there aren't just one or two of them...

I sprayed the whole henhouse. The stuff has a nice lavender smell, unlike other solutions I've tried which can strip the linings from your nasal passages from ten paces. And, crucially, the hens were all alive this morning, post-spray. Yes, there is a story behind that statement which wells the voice of bitter experience, and you don't want to hear it!


  1. Bloody lice will take over the world one day.
    We keep breeding them stronger. :(

    I have always used Nature's Gardian, a natural oils powder on my dog, cat and carpet and have never had a problem with fleas. Ever.

    But now I guess I'm to be introduced to the wonderful world of goat lice.......

  2. hope it works and at least it smells nice!

  3. Sounds all under control, though I don't remember having that problem when we had chickens. This year we seem to have been plagued with cat fleas, but touch wood we are on top of it now.

  4. Oooh, Wobbly, that happened to us when I was a youngster. The memory still makes me shudder!


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