Tuesday, 26 April 2011


Well, I promised myself it would be back to business today, children duly dispatched to their assorted schools, the youngest with considerably less drama than I anticipated. I blew my nose, did the shopping, walked dog-of-small-brain, made a coffee, and plonked myself down at my desk to compose an amusing, pithy and (hopefully) neatly written piece of flash fiction. And guess what? That’s right; two hours later, I’m now downstairs fiddling around online, drinking tea and scoffing biscuits, with nothing other than ‘I don’t know what to write’ scrawled in assorted ways across a piece of A4. There was much staring out of the window, an hour-long radio programme about Gustav Holst, a bar of chocolate, and nothing else! This is one day where my usual apply-bum-to-seat approach isn’t going to work: I keep wondering how younger son is getting on. Will he have eaten a school dinner? He was very anxious about not being allowed to take his own packed lunch. Sigh. No wonder there’s nothing else a-stirring down in the bowels of my mind.

Anyway, good news; I have a story being published over at ‘The Pygmy Giant’ shortly. I’ll post a link when they put the piece up, but in any case, it's a great site for flash fiction, and well worth a visit. I am indebted to The Heartful Blogger for mentioning it on her blog, otherwise I might never have found it.

Another interesting site to visit belongs to photographer Ian McKell. I don’t know anything about photography, but The Times featured some of his work in their magazine on Saturday. (23/04/2011) According to their writer, Chris Sullivan, McKell has spent a decade photographing travellers who don’t originate from traditional travelling communities, but have adopted the lifestyle as a means of finding a more sustainable and simpler way of life. Sullivan quotes one of the men photographed, Pete Delaney, as saying “We don’t believe you need all these possessions that are shoved down your throat. We don’t believe in living in debt.”

Hallelujah for such sense! Their lifestyle sounds enviable, but Delaney also says “A lot of people have tried to live the life, but have gone back indoors when they realise exactly what it takes.” Yeah, that would be me, were I to try; well-intentioned, but unable to adapt to living permanently in a horse-drawn caravan. But after studying the pictures, I’m intrigued. It would be fascinating to spend some time with these people. As someone who loathes even camping, I’m curious to know what it must be like to get used to living without the home comforts I cherish.

Since this woman and her electric kettle/shower/comfy bed are, realistically, unlikely to be parted, that’s never going to happen. Instead, I’ve ordered Ian McKell’s book, to have a closer look at his work. But do pop over and visit his site. His pictures are beautiful.

(apologies for the link to 'The Times'. You can access the article, but first you have to register and pay £1 for the privilege. Having said that, it is interesting, so you could say 'money well-spent' xx)


  1. Hey! Congrats on your Pygmy Giant story! Look forward to reading it.

    Have you thought of joining showmeyourlits.com? They are a very encouraging, very friendly writer's forum that provide weekly writing prompts and a chance for your work to be read and commented on by fellow members. Without them, I would not be writing so much or even started sending stuff out to be published.

  2. Thanks for the link Tammy, that sounds like a really interesting site. I'll have a look xx


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