Wednesday, 13 April 2011

A Cracking Good Read!

Boy, am I tired this morning? It’s that green-about-the-gills glazed sort of tiredness when all you're fit for is staring aimlessly at the wall, or going back to bed! As I’m about to resume my role as ‘chief entertainments officer’ for the school holidays, the kids due back from ‘chez papa’ shortly, I think I ought to hit the coffee.

It’s totally self-inflicted. I shouldn’t read at bedtime, because if I can’t put the book down, this is what happens. And at the moment, I’ve got a real ‘can’t-put-downer’ on the go, ‘Angelology’ by Danielle Trussoni.

The story is essentially about war between a mysterious secret society, and a race of monstrous half-human, half angel creatures called ‘the Nephilim’, and no, nothing to do with dodgy eighties goth rockers ‘The Fields of The Nephilim’. (used to have such a girlie crush on their lead singer!) Now I have friends who are keen believers in angel guides and the like, but I defy anyone to think of angels as being kindly benevolent beings after reading this. The Nephilim, and assorted angels, are ruthless and terrifying. I haven’t finished the book yet, but I was too frightened last night to leave it until the story had reached a calmer moment.

The book rips along at a roaring pace. But I have to say, there was a bit of a downside to this for me. A third of the way in, it hits a wall of back-story, which is pretty much comprises the middle third of the book. This is only my personal point of view, but I found this part tedious, which just made me want to skip over it and get back to the action. Indeed, I nearly gave up reading it altogether. That’s just my view, of course, and I’m sure other people won’t agree. But once that part ended, it was a case of ‘Bam!’ right back into rollercoaster speed.

I haven’t finished it yet, because I made myself turn out the light at 2am. It’s so well written, I think it blurs the edges between fact and fiction. A cracking good read, and I heartily recommend it. Now, coffee.....

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