Wednesday, 20 April 2011


What a week.... Between school holidays, a sick child, and yours truly being wound up tighter than an over-wound clock over smallest boy's impending start at his new school (only six days to go, gulp) there isn't much happening down here in 'Tales' on the creative front. I hope you will all bear with me, and keep on dropping by, I should be back to normal soon. Once the boy's first day, next Tuesday, is over, I'm hoping my current 'rabbit in the headlights' mentality will pass, and it will be business as usual. Up until then, well, I'm not good company in any sense.

I did sit down last night though with Kat Wright's second TIC TOCC challenge. This week's timed exercise was to use your imagination to capture what might happen in a stone circle when there is no one around. As with last week's, I didn't want to write, not that I feel particularly able this week, but I wanted to experiment again with art.

Now, I think the resulting picture would be a very good effort for a two-year old! I used the kids' long-forgotten crayons, and given my state of mind, I started very tentatively. But once I got going, I found scribbling, pressing really hard with the crayons, soothed my worried mind. It was very therapeutic.

The point behind the picture was to convey the energy I feel emanates from both standing stones and stone circles, radiating out from the stones. I spent ages afterwards trying to photograph it in such a way so as to show up the way light illuminates the textures and adds to the effect I was trying to create, but I have to say the picture looks better in real life.

You'll just have to take my word for it that it looks better 'in the flesh', so to speak! Okay, well, that's it, I'm afraid - the children are demanding drinks. Afterwards, I think I might have to do some more calming crayoning - Grrrr!!


  1. I think it looks pretty cool in the virtual flesh :-)

  2. Thanks for having joining in even though you're mega busy. I really understand! The school hols, visitors and visits have exhausted me this past week especially. And I'm way behind with everything. Hope your little one is starting to feel better. When they start school it is an emotional thing for us Mums, a huge milestone and development for both.

    I love the way the stones glow seeming to emanate energy - great pictorial representation of how it 'feels'. So glad you were able to make time to draw this and share with us. Thank you :-)

    Sending you strength to get through the hols. Hope you get chance for a bit more calm and creative time.

    Kat Xx

  3. Play with crayons, have a drink - I'm sorry your week was long and hope the weekend treats you better. Also, here's to magic stones.


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