Wednesday, 27 April 2011

What not to say....

And just for once, it isn't me who's opened my big mouth and put my foot firmly in it! I admit it's a rare occasion for me to be on the receiving end of someone else's faux pas, but this did make me laugh..

You might remember I posted a while back about the flooded, boggy state of my back garden. Well at last it's been drained and tomorrow a local gardener is rising to the challenge of my planned 'wavy path going sort-of here to there with a kind-of patio-type thing maybe over there' garden design. 'Vague' is the keyword here. I have a picture in my head, but I'm not technically minded. I'm not bothered about the details, so long as it looks nice when it's finished. The gardener, accustomed as he is the exacting demands of the Mawdesley 'hoi-poloi' (some of the local village think themselves very distinguished) is somewhat bemused by my 'laissez-faire' approach. What colour stones do I want on the path? Frankly my dear, I don't care. Stone coloured stones; what else would one want? It's taken a while, but he's got my drift.

Anyway, I had decided one definate feature; I want a round patio. So on his advice, I toddled off to the local builder's yard this morning, to see what they have to offer. Having left it too late to order anything, work commencing tomorrow, I was limited to choosing what they actually had in stock, namely one. I gamely purchased what is a rather unusual choice in patio for my good self, but drove home congratulating my good self on my adaptability and creatively flexible approach to garden design.

I was busy telling my neighbour about how clever I was to have actually remembered to go and purchase said patio, when he asked if I'd been to said local builders' yard because, and I quote, "In their doorway, they've got this horrible sun-shaped patio. It's horrible. Who would buy something like that?"

Dear readers, it was the only one in stock. I stopped my neighbour's hearty guffaws with a calculatedly withering glare, and pointed out that actually, it's a good size for a patio, and I think it will look nice. Admittedly I might not have chosen it had there been any others, but I have convinced myself it will look rather fetching. Needless to say, the conversation ended there. I'll post some snaps to show you once it's in place, so you have from now and then to practise saying 'goodness, how tasteful'!


  1. Ha!

    It has been my experience that if others disliked something then it was apparent that it was PERFECT for me!

    Can't wait to see!


  2. A sun shaped patio sounds fabulous. And I'm not just saying that - I think it sounds uniquely creative. And you can tell your neighbour I said so ;-)

    I can't wait to see the photos.

    We pulled up a large area of rotting decking and the past couple of days I've been browsing through mags & books pointing out what I like to my husband. So far he's grumbled at my suggestions. Apparently they'll be hard work to create. I told him to stop being a wuss. Lol. We'll see what we end up with. I'd like something country garden to go with the old cottage we live in. But we'll see what happens :-)

    Good luck with the garden tomorrow.
    Kat Xx

  3. sounds like a lovely patio! people have different tastes and on top of that can be tactless..

  4. Mimi, I'm suppressing the thought I might not have chosen it had there been a choice!

    Crafty, it's usually me who puts the 'less' into 'tactless'! It was a very funny moment!

    Kat, the gardener started yesterday with my vague and unworkable design, and I'm thrilled with what he's done so far! Everyone said beforehand that I was wasting time and money with a ridiculous idea, so I'm smiling! Haven't forgotten tictocc this week btw, it's on my 'to-do' list!


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