Monday, 9 May 2011

Missing In (Garden) Action....

I haven't dropped into 'Tales' for four days. There's been no 'facebooking' (that's only a sporadic love/hate, mainly hate thing anyway) no perusing other blogs, no faffing around on 'twitter', and no trawling around trying to find a job which fits in with school hours and two children who now have different holiday patterns. (sigh) Instead I'm sporting a healthy glow, and the kind of dirt under my fingernails which a nuclear bomb wouldn't annihilate. I have been gardening!

If you've visited these pages before, you might have caught me moaning about the state of my back garden. The following picture was taken roughly twelve months ago. There had been a falling-down grotty garage/workshop combo where you see the water. It had just been demolished, and this was what happened after a heavy thunderstorm.

As you might note, there was something of a drainage problem! It was the beginning of March this year before the builders managed to come back to dig it all out. [And yes, that is Dog-of-small-brain posing beside the car!]

I didn't take a picture prior to work beginning last week, but I think you can imagine it was just an expanse of bare soil. Every time any of us went down the garden, we had to traipse across it, and, as you can imagine, a large amount of it ended up being either trod into the house, or blown away, turned into dust by our recent spell of very dry weather. It was awful.

My DIY skills are decidedly dubious and definitely don't stretch to ground works, so last week, a gardening chap started work. It didn't take long. He's laid paths, a patio, and a couple of paved areas, all based on a sketch I did on the back of a supermarket till receipt. I think he's done a fantastic job!

And here's the patio I wrote about last week, which my neighbour has conceded looks nice! I'm going to edge it with lavender.

I'm jolly pleased with it all! I've been spending every spare moment digging plants and seeds into the borders, not to mention cursing the dog for trampling them, the cat for treating everywhere I've dug as one giant kitty-litter tray, and flocks of damned pigeons for eating my seeds.

After twelve months of ploughing through water and mud, it's so wonderful to have a proper path, I have to pinch myself it's real every time I step out there. I haven't written a single word anywhere since I last blogged on Wednesday (hurrah you might say!)'Flash Friday' came and went, and I barely noticed.

And this is all I'm doing on the writing front today too. As soon as I've posted this, I'm off dodging the showers to dig in a load of little plants another neighbour gave me earlier. You could say I'm playing 'ostrich' with soil instead of sand, but it's all I can think about doing. This is one week in which I won't be grumbling at eldest son for having grubby fingernails: mine are definitely worse!


  1. Oh, I am SO in love with the patio!
    It's perfect! And so clean and neat!
    You're lucky!

    Lavender is the perfect edging as once it takes hold it's pretty stable and even when the buds are harvested you can still crush a bit of green and have a lovely smell.

    Can't wait to see it all in bloom! :)

    I am flattered regarding the Versatile Blogger but am a bit confused. What shall I do next?

    I know the love-hate Facebook thing. I'd rather be blogging! :)
    (Hey! That would make a great bumpersticker!)

    Have a creative week!

  2. WOW!!!! That looks amazing!!

    And hey - you live out in the middle of nowhere!!


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