Monday, 9 May 2011


Very sleepy at this hour of evening, but I thought I'd record this now, literally at the eleventh hour for the week's Tic Tocc challenge.

This week Kat posted a photograph of a headland and a beach, with the following prompt.

'Whilst admiring the peaceful sunset vista it was hard to imagine that the beach had been shut to the public all day following the unexpected.....'

I was absorbed by two things: either the contents of a shipwreck washed up on the beach in a 'whisky galore' style, or the BP oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. Environmental matters being uppermost deep down in the darkest recesses of 'Tales' these days, I went with that idea. Wanting to produce a picture, I tried something I've never tried before: collage. I took Kat's photo, and put it at the centre of the picture featuring on one side how we enjoy the beauty of the seaside, and on the other, how the demands of our consumer society can destroy it. I'm not sure it works particularly, but I spent a very comforting twenty minutes cutting and sticking.

Hmmmm. I know what I was trying to say!


  1. I really love this idea. It is so interesting to look at & the meanings represented give so much to think about. I am definitely going to have to try a collage using a TIC TOCC now. I love doing collages but havn't done one for a while. Thanks for inspiring me!

    I've tweeted/Fbooked your link and I'm sure others will be inspired too.

    Thanks for being a great support & inspiration on this TIC TOCC journey :-)

    Kat Xx

  2. Totally works! I love cutting, gluing and sticking, good times!

  3. Looks like your therapeutic process lead to a rewarding result. Thanks for dropping in on my blog and for your lovely words :)


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