Monday, 6 June 2011

If you have a spare minute... I do at the moment, youngest son dispatched back to school, and elder son out having had a 'sleepover' at his chum's house last night, why don't you pop over to visit the poet Helen Pletts?

I first met her during an online course with the Open University. Although we've never met in real life, [which makes some of my less computer-inclined friends look at me as though I'm completely insane] Helen is a huge source of inspiration and advice to me, not to mention a fantastic poet, with a new collection coming out soon. And, I might add, she can write a pretty nifty short story too.

Pop over and visit her blog, Stem of Quietly Disarrayed Fertility, where you can find links to material she has published online. Or, you could take a wander round to her 'Soundcloud' page, and listen as she reads some of her more recent work aloud. I've only ever been to a few poetry readings, so I found it thrilling to listen to a poem being read exactly as the poet intended.

Go on, pop over... she's well worth a visit!


  1. oooh, looks wonderful, will bookmark for when the terror has gone to bed


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