Monday, 18 July 2011

English Summertime Blues

There seems to have been a party in my garden, oh yeah,
An' I wasn’t invited, though I don’t really care
About that.

(adopts stern speaking voice)
But I’ve got a very big bone to pick with the revellers.

(Puts hand on hips and looks mighty cheesed off)

They’ve trashed the delphiniums, and uprooted the sunflowers,
They’ve cowed the veronicas, and ravaged the poppies while
The peas have passed-out in a heap on the floor.
I don’t know who started this,
But it sure isn’t funny.

I’d been patting myself on my gardener’s back,
When along came the English summertime blues. (oh yeah)

(cue mouth organ, and much cursing and shaking of fists at the pouring rain.)


(and no, I'm not growing lettuce in a cat-litter tray, it's the bottom of the guinea pigs' first cage, innit?....and it's not supposed to look like a mini-paddy field either!)


  1. yes the Scottish summer is a bit like that too.
    That's a great repurposing idea for the bottom of the guinea pig's old cage,,

  2. Well, you never can tell what will happen when those Faereis get to partying! ;)

    re: Dolls in the air- Oh, you'll eventually do it........just you wait and see........

    We always do.......

  3. Craftygreenpoet, I'm just hoping the Welsh summer, given that's where I've booked our hols, is the exception to the rule!!

    Mimi, they could have done it a whole less gleefully! And yes, with the doll, you're right!


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