Sunday, 17 July 2011

Tic Tocc no14... A View

I've just spent an idyllic couple of hours down here in 'Tales'.

The children are 'chez papa', although they did call round to ask if I wanted to accompany them to an outdoor fundraiser for the local nursery. In the driving rain...

'No way darlings,' I spluttered, and hurriedly shut the door. Out in this? I've already walked the dog-of-small-brain and turned my hair wet-weather frizzy. Besides, I had just settled down with a large mug of tea, a box of 'After Eights' leftover from Christmas I found at the back of the cupboard, (hurrah) Deva Premal playing in the background, and my paints ready to attend to Kat's TicTocc challenge for this week. Stand in a field in the pouring rain? Not likely!! I suspect though, judging by the look of disappointment on his face, x-husband had his fingers crossed that I'd gallantly volunteer to take them. Not my turn darling! Sometimes being a part-time parent has its perks!

Anyway, enough crowing. Kat's 14th challenge had two options. You could either describe what was inside a building she'd photographed, or imagine the view from its window. I've been lazy of late, settling for the easy option of writing a sketch, whereas originally, I thought it would be fun to try different ways of being creative. So this week, I decided to paint.

Here's Kat's photograph

And here's the view I managed to paint in the twenty minute challenge. I hadn't finished, but I thought I'd better take a photo at this point just in case the next bit went very wrong. I ought to point out the rubbish clouds are actually splodges of silver glitter which didn't quite create the effect I was hoping for.

And here's the finished article.

I'm rather pleased with it! As you know from previous procrastinations, I've never learnt to paint or draw, and although I really enjoyed painting for TicTocc in the early weeks, I was afraid to keep trying. And needless to say, I've still not signed up fro the art class I keep telling myself I'm going to day! But I like drawing trees, although I can't do them with leaves!

So I've eaten most of the chocolates, drank alot of tea, and I'm feeling very relaxed and pleased with myself. Meanwhile, outside it's still raining. Sorry boys!!! (but I'm sure you're having fun anyway!)


  1. Oh yes - finding a box of chocolates is always a celebratory occasion for me too. But usually all chocolate gets eaten & none left behind. Lol. Sounds like you had a great time with a bit of time to yourself. I think it makes us better parents if we get 'me' time of our own.

    I love your tree!! It has such feeling & expression. Trees are one of my favourite things to draw/sketch/paint/collage etc. I think bare trees are so inspiring in the silhouette they create against the skyline and landscape. Such fantastical shapes. This tree of yours seems so alive and beautiful. Fab painting session!

    Thanks for playing along. I love your company & always enjoy your results!
    Kat Xx

  2. Good on you for taking a stand. I wish I could find Christmas choccies stashed in the pantry - but that would never happen in our house. Thanks for sharing your painting session. Oh and leafless trees are all the rage right now... so needn't bother with leaves anyway.

  3. I still can't quite believe I found the chocs either, it's a very unusual thing to happen!

    Kat, thank you for being so encouraging. I had a whale of a time with my paints, and yes, I am nicer after a bit of time without my darlings!

    Amalou, thank you too! Leafless trees it is then, foliage is so over-rated!!!


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