Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Making Rhubarb Vodka

So what does a woman do while her children are away on holiday? Well, if she's sensible, she'll go away on holiday herself. If she's decidedly short of cash however, she'll have to stay at home, alternating between missing her darlings (sniffle), and delving into the list of the hundreds of things she's promised herself she'll do when she has time. So today? Ta-da! Do something with the rhubarb patch.

A friend gave me a rhubarb plant a few years ago. I was rather excited about it, which, with hindsight, was a little odd given that neither I, nor the children, are particularly fussed about eating rhubarb. And, typically, the things you don't really want are the ones which grow the best. I usually give it away, but you can imagine my neighbours ducking down behind their settees going 'what does she want this time? Oh hell, she's got more rhubarb. Let's hope she thinks we're out.'

I did find a nice recipe for rhubarb and ginger cake earlier in the year, but I couldn't bring myself to eat any more of it, so I've been on the lookout for something else to do with my rampant rhubarb. I found this recipe in a book by Nigella Lawson, 'How to be a Domestic Goddess' (I am living proof owning the book isn't enough to transform oneself into into one of those) for rhubarb vodka. (for some reason, she calls it 'rhubarb schnapps) Having been bowled over by the gorgeous sloe gin I made last year, I decided to give it a try.

You need: approx 600g of trimmed, chopped rhubarb
300g sugar
1 litre of vodka

And here's what you do:

1. Clean and chop the rhubarb and divide it between two large jars.

2. Add the sugar.

3. Add the vodka.

4. Give it a good shake and put it somewhere dark and cool, and shake it every day or so for the first month.

5. Leave the rhubarb in the vodka for at least six weeks or up to six months before straining into clean bottles.
6. (This is going to be my favourite bit) Enjoy! I'm looking forward to trying it. I can't wait to see what colour it turns, and I'll post a picture when it's ready.

28th May 2014 - Here's a little foot-note seeing as this post still attracts a lot of hits... The Rhubarb Vodka was vile!!!! It was a bit like an alcoholic version of kid's cough syrup, and it didn't taste of Rhubarb. Mind you, I still drank it.................. 

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