Monday, 26 September 2011

Not Dead Yet...

And I’m back!!

What do you mean you didn’t know I’d been gone? Surely you noticed it’s been very, very quiet down here in ‘Tales’ for over a month now? You didn’t? You were grateful? Oh well, I’m big and ugly enough to handle that!

I’ve been missing because I came back from holiday with a major attack of ‘what-is-the-point-itus’, and that swallowed up the past month. I thought, I waste all this time blogging and messing around online when I should be writing my booker-prize winning epic. So I left the computer turned off, and set down to hacking away at the sorry-looking bones of my intended glittery literary masterpiece. It was going quite well until the madness of daily life intervened, whereupon days went by with no writing achieved, and then, like the slugs which somehow magic themselves through a double-glazed back door to leave slimy trails around my kitchen, the old doubts came crawling back in. What is the point? What is the point? I wish I knew.

Anyway, a few people came by and rattled my cage, wondering if I’d either shuffled off this mortal coil, or actually found paid employment, (I am looking) so I thought it was time I broke my silence. And this morning I read an entry from Alison Wells’ blog ‘Head Above Water’ about why blogging isn’t such a pointless activity, but a great opportunity to feel connected to other people, which made me feel a whole lot better.

So I’m back, and normal service will be resumed just as soon as I’ve managed to build the flat packed drawers I’ve bought for younger son’s bedroom. His homework for this week is to practise putting his own clothes away, something he would find easier if he had somewhere to put them. Ho hum. Screwdrivers at the ready, but I can feel the sense-of-humour-failure building already...


  1. Sam, Good to hear from you. I have been exactly where you've been. Had come to feel that blogging & Facebook were just a form of heroin which was fun & entertaining--and kept me from writing, which was the whole point in the 1st place. However, none of this business of doubts about your work, doubts about your writing. Doubt blogger, question Facebook, tire of homework, but believe in your ability to create some sort of art. (And BTW, get a job; something else we have in common. Hang tough!
    --Man, where we're back to showers in Portland, Oregon.

  2. Oh, sure...connection and all that. But *really* the point of you blogging is so that the rest of us can all read the writing of someone who writes such lines as, " the slugs which somehow magic themselves through a double-glazed back door to leave slimy trails around my kitchen, the old doubts came crawling back in." ;-) Welcome back Sam! (Sorry I'm way too far to come over and assemble the drawers for you--I'm quite good at that sort of thing.)

  3. Hi Man, it's so good to hear from you. Thanks for the encouragement and yes, having to 'hang tough' seems to be a choice I must have made in a previous life!!!

    Amy, wonderful to hear from you too, and such kind words. I am sorry I've not popped over to 'half-assed mama' for ages, it's all been part of my self-imposed exile, but I will very soon. The drawers took two hours, but haven't fallen apart yet, so perhaps I'm not as bad at doing that sort of thing after all!


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