Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Knitty-Nora and The Finished Sweater

One of the best things about being a single 'lay-dee' is that you can cultivate a whole raft of interests and hobbies without the fear of ridicule from your 'other half'. And whilst your imaginations race way ahead of me to conjecture what sorts of sordid activities I could mean, I have to spoil it by confessing I'm talking about knitting. Yes, knitting.

My Mum taught me to knit when I was little, although as I remember, I wasn't an enthusiastic pupil. I wouldn't have dreamt of doing it while I was married: in fact, Mr X finds the sight of my knitting needles on the coffee table so hilarious, he now calls me 'Knitty-Nora', hence today's title. But once I started knitting, I discovered that far from being a sordid habit, loads of people do it. I even worked with one girl, the most unlikliest crafter you could ever meet, who confessed she liked nothing better than to crochet. And she did - beautifully!

It's not something I do all the time, in fact I'm a sporadic knitter; I'll weave away for a few weeks, then I won't do any for ages. I find it quite meditative, sitting clicking away with some nice music on in the background, or, more often than not, whilst I'm watching tv. It salves my conscience on those nights when I fancy a bit of trashy tv; I'm not really wasting hours of my life watching rubbish, I'm being creative. It works!

Two years ago, my Mum sent me two enormous balls of wool, and a pattern for an arran sweater. I'd never tried anything so complicated, and I did try, I really tried, but I'm not a pattern girl. I like to bash away at something straightforward, so scaves and simple stuff is pretty much where I'm at. I did try the arran sweater. I even asked a friend's mum to show me what to do. But it was so complicated, I kept forgetting what to do. This little section is all I managed.

Actually, I'm quite proud of that, but don't ask me how I did it! The next question was what to do with all the gorgeous pink wool? After much rummaging through books, I found a really easy sweater pattern, and started knitting. And stopped knitting. And started, until eventually, here we have....ta-da!

How about that? It's taken nearly two years, but I got there in the end. I don't think knitting sweaters is much of way forward for me though, I'm definately sticking to smaller projects from now on.


  1. I never knit garments for that very reason! I stick to accessories, or things in chunky wool that don't take long!

  2. Well done you. I took up knitting again just over a year ago when I was an expectant Grandmother and am really hooked now, and so is my daughter. It is really therapeutic. It seems to me your Mr.X is the one with the problem, craft work is creative and soul satisfying.


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