Friday, 14 October 2011

Things Our Parents Didn’t Have To Deal With #225736

Spirits were high when youngest son’s school taxi arrived home the other day. He tumbled out and ran indoors as usual, but his companions were sat wiping tears of mirth from their faces.

“You know the ‘Chas n Dave’ Rabbit song? When it comes on the radio, he laughs so much, he makes us all laugh.”

I’m not a ‘Chas n Dave’ fan, and that song is as old as the hills, it comes as news to me that anyone, let alone the taxi driver’s radio station of choice, plays it at all, never mind often enough for it to be the subject of so much hilarity on the way home from school, but, evidently, they do!

Elder son was intrigued. He’s constantly on the look out for dodgy U-tube clips to share with his mates, so wanted to ‘check it out’. I warned him his social standing would nosedive were he to share this one, but nonetheless he looked it up and, I’m relieved to say, was unimpressed. Not so younger son… I had to put up with ‘Rabbit rabbit rabbit’ blaring from the I-pad for the rest of the afternoon, while younger son laughed so hard, his asthma kicked in. That's a typical afternoon in my world…

It wasn’t until later when I sat down, I happened to glimpse what he was watching over and over again. It wasn’t an official video, rather a pastiche put together on the aforementioned ‘U-tube’ featuring cute and cuddly rabbits, interspersed with, yup, you’re way ahead of me there, pictures of a certain infamous brand of vibrator. [and if you don’t know what I’m talking about, you can look up ‘rabbit’ and ‘vibrator’ yourself - so long as you’re not of a nervous disposition, in which case I wouldn’t bother!]

This is one of the problems with kids and the internet, and it doesn’t just apply to autistic kids like my youngest son. There is no way of policing what they stumble across. Yes, so I could ban the computer, but that isn’t realistic in this day and age. And, just as the boys used to play recordings of Roy Chubby Brown in the tape player in my school’s senior common room, there will always be people who find it really funny to dub rude language over cartoon clips, or paste inappropriate pictures. And in context, being viewed by the people whom the joke is aimed at, ie not my ten-year old, it is funny. But for me, it’s a headache.

My autistic son is a computer whiz. He loves the internet, because he can find things that really appeal to him, and watch them over and over again. It’s fuelled an interest in making films himself. But I have to keep an eagle eye on what he’s up to, because he doesn’t understand some of the content may be rude or offensive, and he will repeat things that have tickled him. Once that happens, it's virtually impossible to get him to stop. It’s just a shame there isn’t a way of policing with strict categorising what's posted in the first place, although I suspect even that wouldn’t stop my lil’ techno-demon’s surfing.

Rabbit rabbit rabbit. I have until he gets home from school today to work out how I’m going to stop him watching that particular clip. He won’t ask me what the coloured, funny shaped thing is, but his brother might! Parents of yester-year really didn’t know how lucky they were!


  1. oh I agree, the internet is wonderful in so many ways, but must be a nightmare to keep an eye on children's use of it....

  2. I feel your pain!! Jake loves watching train videos on youtube and most of them are innocent but he stumbled across one where someone had rewritten the lyrics to the song Going Underground, filling it with A LOT of bad language about striking tube drivers. The hardest part is trying to explain to him why I didn't want him listening to it.

  3. Couldn't help smiling at this - but I understand your concerns too.

  4. I think laughter is a pretty good way to spend any afternoon :).

    It seems to be harder and harder to keep the little ones innocent these days :/

    And thanks so much for visiting and reading my story.

  5. Oh, how I laughed and laughed and laughed when I read this! lol
    (sorry) *giggle*

    Personally, I've always though that *rabbit* looked a bit.....painful....... :D

    Ahhhh, innocence!
    (Also, you are wicked funny!)



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