Friday, 4 November 2011

Taking Stock

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They used to have staff in Malaysia who’d bring iced tea as she sat journaling in the shade. Now she presides over a till in Tesco, the ghosts of the servant’s deferential smiles flitting around her mouth, her Greta Garbo eyebrows painted on with a hand as firm as the conviction life was never meant to turn out like this.


  1. Very strong and emotive little piece.

    It just shows you how drastically life can change.

  2. The stark contrast between the leisure of journaling with iced tea and serving in Tesco is very strong and means this micro fiction works astonishingly well. The emotion you suggest could fill pages. It needn't.

  3. Everybody who's able ought to put in some sweat to the world. Is she spoiled by not having to for so long, or coming to terms with her turn?

  4. It the ghost smiles that make it for me.
    very rich!

  5. That is just beautiful writing :-)


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